It has been three years since Final Fantasy VII's remake was officially announced and about as long as it has been officially shown. With director Tetsuya Nomura making the rounds for Kingdom Hearts III's impending release date, questions about Final Fantasy VII inevitably come up.

KHInsider and translator Goldpanner have translated an interview with Nomura from Japanese magazine Dengeki PlayStation, which has released excerpts of an upcoming interview online. In it, Nomura explains a number of lingering Kingdom Hearts III questions, but also goes a bit into Final Fantasy VII. According to Nomura, there has been a lot of misinformation out there about the title, but development is coming along well.

Nomura explained that they have been quiet about Final Fantasy VII because Square Enix has other marketing priorities, including Kingdom Hearts III and some other titles he didn't elaborate on. The director ends the interview asking fans to be patient for more Final Fantasy VII info, which he says the team is focusing on now.

[Source: Dengeki PlayStation via KHInsider]

Our Take

I can appreciate that the team is likely frustrated with people speculating on the state of the project, but considering how it's been presented to the public, it can't really come as a surprise that people are assuming the worst. Hopefully the game manages to dismiss all doubts the next time it is shown.

Game Informer

Imran Khan

Posted by Vincent Trinh on 12.16.18 6:04 am
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