This year is Tomb Raider’s 20th anniversary, and there’s still more DLC on the way for Rise of the Tomb Raider. With the PlayStation 4 release coming later this year, Square Enix is giving last year’s release a second wind.

This time out, Lara is about to lose Croft Manor entirely. While saying goodbye to the memories she and her family made, she uncovers something sinister.

We know from Rise of the Tomb Raider that Richard Croft had a penchant for the unexplained. Before he died, he tapped into something dark, rallying the forces of the underworld against him.

In Blood Ties, you’ll explore the manor. In Lara’s Nightmare, you’ll combat the vengeance-seeking undead. Both will be out in October as part of the season pass and sold separately.

Rise of the Tomb Raider is out now for Xbox One and PC. A PlayStation 4 version is on the way on October 11. For more, check out our Rise of the Tomb Raider review.

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Mike Futter

Posted by Vincent Trinh on 12.16.18 6:04 am
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