Today during the PlayStation Experience keynote, Naughty Dog showed off gameplay for an upcoming standalone chapter related to the Uncharted series, called Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. The gameplay segmented showed that you play as a young woman in a foreign city, who later removes her hijab to be revealed as Chloe Frazier, a prominent character from the series and Nathan Drake's brief love interest, who was introduced in Uncharted 2.

We also saw the return of mercenary Nadine Ross, one of the main antagonists in Uncharted 4. Playing as Chloe, the segment showed her making her way through the slums, avoiding the attention of guards, until she ends up on a rooftop, as explosions appear in the distance. After a brief conflict with a slew of enemies, who she beats to a pulp and kicks off the roof, we see her meet with Nadine.

You can read our favorable review of Uncharted 4: A Thief's End by heading here.

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Elise Favis

Posted by Vincent Trinh on 4.16.19 6:04 am
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