Regardless of how you feel about Prompto in Final Fantasy XV, I think most would agree that his photography skills are entertaining. Above, you can see one of my personal favorite photos that Prompto took of my adventure.

Square Enix recognizes this was a highlight of the Final Fantasy XV experience, and as a result, the mechanic is getting its own GDC panel at the show in 2017. You can read about the panel here, which will give attendees a better understanding of how the photography mechanic works and how it created an A.I. character who could take (sometimes) decent photos.

[Source: GDC]

Our Take

I do like Prompto's role in Final Fantasy XV, even if I find his personality a bit grating. The first time I looked through his photos I thought, "Do I have to do this every time?" but I pretty quickly began to look forward to his pictures.

Game Informer

Kyle Hilliard

Posted by Vincent Trinh on 4.16.19 6:04 am
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