Sony had a good holiday in terms of console and software sales, and it recently shared its accomplishments in an e-mail.

According to Sony, it sold 6.2 million PlayStation 4s between November 20, 2016 and January 1, 2017 pushing its total number of PlayStation 4s sold to 53.4 million. It also sold 50.4 million games (combined digital and retail) with Uncharted 4 being a standout with lifetime sales reaching 8.7 million copies.

Andrew House, president and global CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, mentioned PlayStation VR in a congratulatory quote thanking Sony fans in the e-mail saying Sony has plans to further enrich the PSVR experience, but didn't not call out any specific sales numbers for the new hardware or its companion software.

Our Take

I'm personally very curious about the sales of PlayStation VR. It appears to have performed well, but I wonder if it sold well enough for Sony to make it one of its main priorities in 2017. PSVR software is part of that 50.4 million games sold number, but it's unclear how much of that number is VR.

Game Informer

Kyle Hilliard

Posted by Vincent Trinh on 4.16.19 6:04 am
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