The port of the PC version of Final Fantasy VII to PlayStation 4's (not the remake) Trophies have appeared online, which could point to a nearby release.

The Trophies are fairly straight-forward, and overlap heavily with the recently released Steam version of the game's Steam Achievements. Trophies include Fledgling Summoner - Use a summon Materia in battle, Breaking New Ground - Use a Limit Break, and Won't You be My Valentine? - Have Vincent join your party just to name a few. The game received an mistaken October release date back in June, but since then, we haven't heard any updates about when the game will see release.

You can head over to exophase see the full list.

[Source: exophase, via NeoGAF]

Our Take

I have started, but never finished Final Fantasy VII multiple times. I would like to play the game all the way through, but now there is a question: Do I finish playing the PSN version I have on my Vita, wait for this PS4 version to get some Trophies, or hold out a few years for the Final Fantasy VII remake?

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Kyle Hilliard

Posted by Vincent Trinh on 4.16.19 6:04 am
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