PC owners won’t need to wait long to dive into Lara Croft’s latest adventure. The Xbox One and Xbox 360 timed exclusive hits PC at the end of January.

The game will be available at two price points. The standard version is priced at $59.99. A digital deluxe version that includes the season pass costs $89.99.

Square Enix says the latter version includes “nearly all current and future DLC.” Specifics about what isn’t included aren’t yet available.

The PC version will support 4K resolution and include a number of as yet unspecified upgrades and additions when it arrives on January 28. For more on Rise of the Tomb Raider, check out our review.

Our Take

I enjoyed Rise of the Tomb Raider and was glad to have played it immediately, but I suspect the game is going to look absurdly good on PC. If your patience allowed you to wait the the three months or so, you’ll be rewarded.

Game Informer

Mike Futter

Posted by Vincent Trinh on 10.24.18 6:04 am
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