Bruce Straley, co-director of the first The Last of Us title and Uncharted 4, is taking a break from developer Naughty Dog, leaving colleague Neil Druckmann in the director's chair for The Last of Us 2.

A Sony statement to Kotaku read, "Bruce recently decided to take some much deserved time off after shipping two critically acclaimed games in the last few years. He's looking forward to returning to the studio soon and jumping back in on his next project."

Druckmann wrote the first The Last of Us game and co-directed it with Straley, and is the creative director at developer Naughty Dog.

For more on The Last of Us 2, be sure to check out the reveal trailer, as well as coverage of our panel on the game featuring Druckmann and voice actors Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson.

[Source: Kotaku]

Our Take

We hope Straley gets some well-deserved rest during his sabbatical! As for the game, I wouldn't be surprised if Straley has been deeply involved with it to this point and I certainly trust Druckmann so I think there's nothing to worry about on this front.

Game Informer

Matthew Kato

Posted by Vincent Trinh on 4.16.19 6:04 am
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