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Posted by Vincent Trinh on 2.4.11 6:58 pm
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Guest 6.4.17 12:05 pm
Hi Alizee

I am responding to your craigslist posting. My resume may be seen at

Please let me know a bit about your project, I will be happy to discuss it with you.

I have been doing web development and programming since 1996, and have developed hundreds of websites with millions of pages, including a lot of recent experience with customizing wordpress themes.

I am located on the central California coast and I work remotely all the time.

My skillset includes LAMP Linux/UNIX, Apache, MySQL, PHP and Perl. I generally use text editors for coding, but have used a variety of CMS systems such as Wordpress, Joomla, etc.

To view some samples, you can take a look at, which focuses on mobile site development and has links to a few projects.

I charge $40 per hour and I am FAST! Happy to bid individual projects.

Please let me know if you would like further information. Feel free to call or text at any time.

Mike Clark
mike at coconutisland dot com

Coconut Island Software
630 Quintana Rd #233
Morro Bay CA 93442
Guest 6.4.17 12:05 pm
Hello Alizee,

I saw your Craigslist add. I am a fast and versatile writer with a unique and charismatic writing voice that can be deployed if the situation calls for it (I can shows these strengths in the writing samples I can provide)

I have written three complete novels, and I am currently working on three others, all in different genres. It is one of my summer projects to finish them all before the school year is up.

I have an associates degree in Social and Behavior Science, and I am majoring in English, with a personal interest in advertising. I am a major believer in Edward Bernay's theories on crystallizing public opinion, and I believe his methods are relevant to the present day.

I plan to launch a blogging website in about a month, and I've already written over a half-dozen articles. My writing puts a thinking-person's spin on the psychology of pop-culture and celebrity gossip. I also write about economics, technology, current events, news, gaming, and trends. I am an avid follower of music in all genres, and I have experience in the youth and party culture, and have played in several bands.

However, despite being involved in these scenes, I have been completely sober for about two years now, and intend fully on keeping it this way, so I can focus on pursuing my professional aspirations and hone my craft, but, still, I keep close tabs on the pulse of youth culture.
I like to speculate about future musical and technological trends.

I am a dexterous thinker that can take tried and true writing tactics and twist them to fit any given situation.

I believe psychology is not so much a sword as it is a key that can be molded to fit into every lock.

Please feel free to email me at if you would like to set up a meeting

Hope to hear back from you and thank you for your time

Guest 6.4.17 12:05 pm

I am messaging you as part of a set of instructions found on this ad on craigslist:

Here is how I can help your organization:

- Web Development

I am a professional LAMP developer with some AJAX chops.

- Web Design

I was formally trained in graphic design, and I have studied and used the latest CSS3 features.

- Graphic Design

I have used Illustrator, Photoshop, Pagemaker, GIMP, and Inkscape to design ads, posters, business cards, flyers, postcards, and other print media.

- Writing

I'm not an English major, but I'm a pretty good writer; I usually handle written communications for my household.

Thank you for your time.
Guest 6.4.17 12:05 pm
Hi Alizee,

I’m writing to express my interest in the position posted on Craig’s List, based on my experience as a copywriter for the advertising agencies Saatchi & Saatchi and Ogilvy & Mather.

Below are some samples for your review.

Thank you for your consideration.


Guest 6.4.17 12:05 pm
Hi! I am a technical writing student and am studying Spanish and the countries that speak Spanish. I could translate for your company. (I saw your ad on Craigslist for the sf bay area and live locally.)

--Gregg Hardin
Guest 6.4.17 12:05 pm
Hello, I'm responding to your ad in Craigslist. I'm a working musician who writes on the side. I've written for magazines, newspapers, and am in the midst of 2 music-related book projects. If you're looking for someone who fast, literate, and well-informed articles on music, please contact me. Writing samples available. Cheers, Johnny J Blair "Singer at Large"
Guest 6.4.17 12:05 pm
Ciao Alizee! I am a writer. I saw your post on CL and though I'd follow up. I write about food, motherhood, and relationships ;-) My book, "The Goodbye Year" (Seal Press 2013) was a Books Inc., bestseller last December. I can send you links to a few pieces if you would like. My website tells more of my story.
Guest 6.4.17 12:05 pm
Hope you get the pun I wrote on the subject matter line! Perhaps you are too young? This song was "What's it All About, Alifie by Dion Warwick, and written by Burt Bacharach in the 1960s.

Seriously I have a passion for writing about a lot of different subjects. I'm amazed at the opportunities for writers, thanks in part to

I'm not sure what this site is all about, but I want to write!

Best - Victoria
Guest 6.4.17 12:05 pm
Guest 6.4.17 12:05 pm
Hi, I'm an expert with Corel Draw. It's a powerful program that can do most anything that all the MS programs can do combined. Plus I can import hundreds of file types, open them, work on them, then export the work as any file type you might want.

Everything from picture enhancement to spreadsheets. Menus, ads, playbills, price lists, office documents, slide presentations, etc....

Let me know if you can use my skills.

Guest 6.4.17 12:05 pm
Hi, my name is John Ellstrom. I have a great imagination, I can write, do computer graphics, and know the basics of psychology, and advertising. I am also good at trouble shooting. I love doing research and finding things. I would like to know more about the position.
Guest 6.4.17 12:06 pm
Hi Alizee,

My name is Jeff Hight and I am a Web Designer / Developer. I've been a Professional Internet Developer / Graphic Designer for 16+ years and am proficient with, WordPress , PHP, MySQL, Cold Fusion, AJAX, Javascript,
Jquery, CSS/HTML, Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash & Actionscript.
Guest 6.4.17 12:06 pm
My alias is scratch , I do artistic photography and design work. I am in the USA , born in California... I Love people and the art that people create . I feel that art is all around us in many ways and fashions. one must just open their minds to what is around them to see it.
Guest 6.4.17 12:06 pm
I’m a freelance writer capable of multiple types of copy. I have material that is similar to the stuff already posted on the site. I will provide a link to my website for your review. Thanks for your time. I look forward to hearing from you.
Nikolas Zelinski
Guest 6.4.17 12:06 pm
Hi Alizee

I am from Pakistan & am doing Freelance work. Me myself & one of my friend are running Web developing business for last few years. We have excellent skills in web Developing & graphic designing. Please find the link below where you will find our individual business profile.

Look forward to here you soon.

Adnan & Team
Guest 6.4.17 12:06 pm
Hey Alizee-

My name's Kyle. I'm a 29 year old working/touring musician, writer, music producer and all around lover of life. My computer skills/resume is nowhere near as good as the other applicants I've been reading on here, and I don't give a shit.

I'm passionate, hard-working, reliable and trustworthy. I'm real, I put myself out there, and I never settle for anything mediocre. I strive to be the absolute best in whatever endeavor I find myself jumping into next. And I've found an interest in your site. I'm always interested to learn new things, and constantly fascinated with the world. I want to know everyone, and I want the world to know me. I've recently started a blog, and have yet to "dress it up", but here is a link to check out some of my writing. It dances around the subject of music, but really, I just write about whatever is spinning in my head at the moment. Enjoy.
Guest 6.4.17 12:06 pm
Bonjour Alizee,

I am a very experienced web developer living in Sonoma.

My resume and portfolio can be viewed here:

Thank you, Alan Early
Guest 6.4.17 12:06 pm
As an example of my film projects--of which there are several in the works:

After a devastating, humiliating public spectacle, a thirty-something cow salesman relocates to the Big City where he is humiliated, publicly.

Teresa falls in love with Gabriel, marries, and bears his children, realizing, too late, that she hasn't got time for him.

An obese Italian ne'er-do-well wrestler leaves his native Genoa on a go-kart, crashes, and vows to lose weight.

There are some others I have in mind. For example, I would 'blend' the three loglines, with three parallel storylines merging--a coalescing, if you will--into a grand narrative (not nearly as outlandish as it may seem). It has been accomplished, to great effect. If interested, please correspond for dialogue samples, etc.

To continue, there is a blog (much neglected), found here:

Academic credentials: six-and-one-half years of graduate school--a thorough-going immersion in the Humanities. I've taught writing at universities on the East coast (adjunct professor), and privately. SNL credit as well (script becomes film).


Dean Taylor
Guest 6.4.17 12:07 pm
Hi Alizee,

Let's make ipixels great!

I'm a freelance multimedia designer who provides fast, top quality, low cost creative services.
See my website for more details.

Please call or drop by my SF office anytime.
Thank you.

Richard (Rich) Scherer
Guest 6.4.17 12:07 pm
Hi Alizee,

I'm a published novelist and freelance writer for outlets that include Salon, Publishing Perspectives and GAWKER. I saw your ad on Craigslist, and after checking out the site, am interested in what you may be looking for in terms of talent.

Here are a few links to essays I've written for Salon, Kotaku, and Publishing Perspectives:

How Nintendo Took Over the World (SALON):

'Django Unchained's' Secret Political Triumph (SALON):

The Perfect Game Follows These Eight Rules (KOTAKU):

I Was Ashamed of Being a Gamer, I Don't Feel That Way Anymore (KOTAKU):

Why Image Comics Embodies the Future of the Industry (PUBLISHING PERSPECTIVES):

All best,

Samuel Sattin
Guest 6.4.17 12:07 pm
Ms. Alizee,

Hello! I am interested in writing and/or editing for your start up. I am especially interested because I want to work per project at this time. I receive medical benefits through my husband's job, which allows me to choose per-project writing without anxiety.

I write nonfiction, fiction, poetry, play writing, as well as basic marketing & fundraising writing (press releases, interviews, blog posts, grants and the like). I've written (and given) speeches. I received my Master of Fine Arts in Writing in 2002 from California College of the Arts here in San Francisco.

I edited and/or copy edited the following books: Raising the Bar: The Story of Clif Bar Inc.; For the City & the World: Conversations in Catholic Studies & Social Thought; Ecofeminism & Globalization. I've edited a number of articles and essays, as well.

I have other skills that could add to my usefulness: I've organized parties, concerts, readings, conferences, both big and small; I've hired and managed employees; and I know how to keep a budget.

Other life experiences that changed and delighted me, and which I hope will give an idea of who I am: I am fluent in Spanish and love translating. I wrote and performed a successful one-woman play, Body Revolution. I mention this because play writing is a lively conversation with an audience that demands fresh, accessible writing. I have 14+ years experience working in multiracial, multinational settings. My family is full of musicians, and I appreciate all kinds of music. I love dancing, and this is key, I love to laugh.

I hope to hear from you.

Best Wishes,
Teresa Walsh
Guest 6.4.17 12:07 pm
I devour and digest words.

The fetid, ashen-air of Haiti engulfed my earliest travels. Cashed in tuition for a six-month solo-trip around Europe. Worked in hollywood, lived in a casino for shoots, wrote productions for theatre and directed for the SF Fringe. Who am I? ever-evolving. What can I do?

One of my favorite non-fiction/fiction tales:
I exited the last train. Destination: end of the line, Black Forest, Germany. The streets were deserted, and the stinging, cold air burned as I inhaled the environment. All I needed was a hostel. I needed a place to hang my backpack. I had the towel, dry clothes, clean socks and an orange. Where were the people in this city?

I sat. I surrendered to the silence. I peeled my orange. The juice drizzled from finger-tip to palm and froze as it crawled down my hand. It was the holiday season, and I reasoned that the locals closed down shops and were nestled indoors with family and gluvine and chocolate. It would be a battle against temperature for me.

Through the ice-dotted fog I saw a man dash across the street. The movement of the figure demanded my attention. My gaze followed. There was a phone booth, the man and the sticky, frozen juice molding my hand to a solid mass of mess. Swinging my backpack over my shoulder, I followed him.

You get the gist. Hope to hear from you.
Abbot Scott King
Guest 6.4.17 12:07 pm
Will Schmitz
P.O. Box 661525
Los Angeles, CA 90066

Here's a features resume. I also have seven shorts: "The Devil" is an adaptation of the De
Maupassant story in which a cheap businessman with a dying mother, under the direction of the
local doctor, has to hire someone to "watch over" the dying woman. The businessman wants to
pay as little as possible, the woman he hires, equally flintly, wants to make as much as possible.
The hireling frightens the dying woman to death to get more money--after which she placidly
goes about making the funeral arrangements.

"Cartoon" is about a crazy-lady neighbor who, under the influence of prescription drugs, feels
talented and creative. He long-suffering husband is ordered to leave the house to buy cat food.
While he's gone, a hapless vacuum cleaner salesman comes to demonstrate his latest model. She
drugs his coffee and begins abusing him--is on the verge of doing the man strange and fatal harm
when the husband comes home, sans cat food, and becomes the victim of her
derangement instead.

"The Man Who Killed the Devil." A middle class man who conjures in his basement manages to
summon up Mr. Scratch. The man makes a modest deal, thinking to test the repercussions. He
wants his good-looking but slow-witted teenaged daughter's intelligence amplified. Although a
modest deal, the devil collects full measure.

"Hotel" six to eight minutes of strangeness set in one room with a cast of three.

“Card Game” is a suicide card game in which the loser of the last hand has to find some other way to end existence.

“Next Up” is about a ‘wannabe’ who finds himself zapped into an unexpected next state of being. Twist ending.

"I Bug, But Not Bee." Three bugs try to defend Pascal's greatness while hacking away at
Descartes--tho they lose control about what they're talking about.

I also have a one act play, A Fake Novel in the Life of Rimbaud, and a monologue spoken by
Sam Johnson.



Blue House
A group of investors out to manufacture a career for a Bardot
like nymphet are foiled in their plans by the roguish brother
of the producer.

Just Friends
A hellcat heiress with a fiendish family suckers a softie into
marrying her so she can inherit a fortune.

Divided & Conquered
Two screwy scientists amplifying the intelligence of primates get
involved with a pair of women who monkey with their research.

A Day On Avalon
A group of well set middle aged men sneak away for a fun weekend
without the wives but are caught.

No Honeymoon
A 'blocked' movie score composer drags his agent through a series
of misadventures while trying to relocate the muse.

Vapor light
A ringer is sent to a microelectronics convention and is pursued by
interested parties for the secret of his invention.

9 ½ Weeks meets After Hours as a toy designer finds himself
involved with two women who do things with his body that it's never had
done to it before.

Dead Soles
Los Angeles burns down. Very moving.

The Live Death Network
Satire of television programming ala 'Network', but funnier.

Damage Control
Parody of popular genre films.


In the Passionate Dust
A twisted post-adolescent Californian poisoned by the decadent
atmosphere of his environment loses himself.

Nightmare Street
A 20th century witch lures the youth who is to become another Henry Ford
into her home so that she can destroy him.

House of the Dead
A juxtaposition of 'kill the poor' and 'eat the rich' points of view set
in the serene countryside.

Seamy Valley Daze
Teen thieves intercept a diamond heist and try to keep the take.

Wheel of Fire
High school wrestling in Iowa ala 'Hoosiers'.

The Far Field
Graduation day in a small Iowa farm town in the mid-70's.

The Man Who Became a Woman
Adaptation of the Sherwood Anderson short story.

Adaptation of the Joseph Conrad short story.

The Bohemian Girl
Adaptation of the Willa Cather short story.

Shakespeare's Richard III
The backyard, Richard III as Homer Simpson, version of this
once great piece of literature.

The Lost World of Willis O'Brien
Biographical script based on the inventor of stop-motion animation,
most famous for King Kong

Based on the Theodore Dreiser short story.

South of the Slot
Based on the story by Jack London.

Friend of the Devil
The Devil bites off his thumb, turns it into a femme fatal and sends her
to earth.

Killer Clucks
A government science experiment spawns a dangerous freak.

Out for A Bite
Vampires run a home for runaways.

The Feed
Vampire clans try to get off blood and end up slaughtering one

Raw Recruits
A creature that needs to feed its young living victims
injects them with a fluid that makes dying pleasurable.

Planet of the Zombies
Aliens stranded on Earth find humans to be zombies in the way
they live life--causing the aliens to be unsympathetic toward
the humans.

The Purloined Letter
Update of the Poe story to Los Angeles.

South-Central gang fare.

In Which Aubrey Beardsley Goes Under the Hill
Bio-pic of the last days of the tubercular artist.

The Bear
Adapted from the Faulkner story.

Planet of the Zombies
Aliens coming to earth deduce that humans are zombies
and treat them accordingly.

The Egg
Adapted from the Sherwood Anderson story.


In Kingdoms the World Once Knew
An adventurer fights for a princess and an African kingdom.

A female with a big sword in a world dominated by backward males.

With Fire & Sword
A hired bowman plays both ends against the middle in a land of warring

The Magic Shop
Based on the H.G. Wells story.


The Death Dance of Joaquin Murieta
The true story of the California Robin Hood who took up a life of crime
after drunken miners murdered his wife.

A Dying Breed
Buffalo are needed for Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show and a young hero-worshiper
sets out to win the not so great man's favor.

Slave Ship
Adaptation of the Melville novella Benito Cereno.

Pursued by lowlifes, a pair of adolescents finds a treasure map
that leads them into the mountains looking for gold.

Deadly Heat
A beautiful but savage woman forces a desperate man to do her bidding
after he has been framed for murder.

One Woman Deathmachine
A young woman seeks revenge against those who have set up and murdered
her brother.

World of Pain
A world-weary kid is set back on the right track by a mercenary

Rimbaud, Rimbaud & Verlaine, Rimbaud in Africa, Rimbaud Dies
The French boy genius of literature's life.

The Rogers Rangers Trilogy
The three-part trilogy based on the exploits of the American hero,
Robert Rogers, who invented guerilla warfare.

Twisted & Shouting
An erotic thriller update of The Big Sleep.

Six Feet Under
An erotic thriller set within the music industry.

Liar's Poker
An erotic thriller set in a small Mexican village.

The Open Boat
Adapted from the Stephen Crane short-story.

An Outpost of Progress
Adapted from the Joseph Conrad short-story.

Love Town
Find the missing woman comedy/adventure

The Destruction of Pancho Villa
Villa's enemies plot to destroy his military power in Northern Mexico &
destroy his legend.

The Caballero's Way
Based on the O. Henry story featuring The Cisco Kid.


Fondly Fahrenheit
An adaptation of an Alfred Bester story.

Kill City
Beings from the future come to the present to get their kicks.

Cyberpunk, based on the published story by Tim Sullivan. Co-
written with Tim Sullivan.

The Parasite War
Based on Tim Sullivan's novel of the same name.

Killing Time
Everyone's dead, but sustained by a life extending drug.

King of Hell
A sci-fi adaptation of Conrad's Heart of Darkness.

No Dice
Aliens have been using Earth as an experimental gardening project.

Starship/Starship Naked
Ala 'The Marching Morons' in which the doers leave the do-nots behind.

The plutocrats who run the world have near figured out the way to leave
the now unnecessary hoi polloi permanently out.

Animation. The world is about to run out of energy until a Tesla-like
genius escapes his prison.

The Late Mr. Elves ham
Based on the story by H.G. Wells.

Out of Time
A character searches through time to uncover
hidden secrets.

Small Time/Big Time
The world is being run by some bigwigs ensconced on Mars.
Our hero brings them down.
Guest 6.4.17 12:07 pm
Hello Alize,
My name is Geoff Mosse and I saw your post and I would like to talk more about this opportunity. I have produced work for various studios and publishers including Top Shelf Comix, Red Handed Studios, Terminal Press, the NonBinary Review,, and many more.

I can provide clips if needed, but I am very interested in doing writing for you on a per project basis.

Thank you for your time and I hope to talk with you soon about this project.


Geoff Mosse
Guest 6.4.17 12:08 pm
Hi, Alizee...
Your project sounds interesting. I'm a versatile and experienced writer who has written for The Associated Press, United Press International, large dailies and small weeklies on a wide range of issues. I've also had more than 15 years of experience as a medical/healthcare writer for hospitals, clinics and I'm also the author of six published novels and two nonfiction books. (You can check these out on under my name, Robert Miskimon). I've freelanced extensively for magazines, newspapers and online websites. I'm comfortable working on a per project basis, a flat fee or by the hour. I look forward to hearing from you!
Robert Miskimon
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