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Posted by Vincent Trinh on 2.4.11 6:58 pm
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Alizee Jacotey 4.16.19 6:04 am
Hi everyone,

We are looking for motivated individuals to join our team (currently only 2 of us). We mainly need help with content. We cannot pay anyone at the moment. However, let us know if we could offer anything else.

We have a system in place to calculate your contribution and commitment.

Contribution - Upload photos, post stuff, leave comments, like, dislike, and tag
Commitment - Total time logged on

It just comes down to what kind of difference you can make. We want people to feel as if they are part of the family.

To get started, all you have to do is sign up.

Also, please feel free to introduce yourselves and/or ask questions below.
Guest 6.4.17 12:01 pm

I am writing to you because I am very interested in the startup collaboration. For samples of my work, please see my portfolio at

I am an artist and designer with fifteen years of industry experience in web, graphic, interactive, interface and instructional design. I have worked in a variety of positions both as a member of a large design team and as an independent designer, responsible for entire projects from conception to completion.

Most recently I worked at The Academy of Art University as an Instructional Designer and Project Manager. My responsibilities included: collaborating with instructors, content editors and video professionals to produce online versions of our onsite course; designing the look and feel of online courses; and curating mixed media content to enhance the students’ learning experience.

Design is more than a profession to me. It is my personal passion.

For more information, please do not hesitate to email or call me.

Thank you for your consideration.


Guest 6.4.17 12:01 pm
Hi Alizee,

I'm a freelance writer and web developer. I'd love to write for your website and do any web design-related work you need taken care of. I like to write about food, politics and animals.

Please shoot me an email if you would like to read some of my writing samples.

Guest 6.4.17 12:01 pm
Hi Alizee,

My name is Leah and I am a cartoonist/filmmaker based in Oakland, California. My work surrounds the experience of being an early 20's college graduate dealing with work, relationships, partying, and diet. Check them out if you're interested, they could be a unique addition to what you are doing:

Guest 6.4.17 12:01 pm
Good Day Alizee
I am writing because I am interested in seeking per project based work with you.
I have a plethora of skills but will focus on current project and what is needed for that.

I have been actively working for the past 2 yrs to help develop social media content for a small natural spice company.
I also worked on building on-line relationships through
Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Youtube. I was responsible
for content development, managing campaigns and engagement. I have
created content for twitter & Instagram. I started a video series
called 5-4-3-2-1 making simple meals and teaching people healthy
doesnt have to be difficult to taste good or make. I write recipe
blogs and even share all of these great ideas and motivators on my
personal sites as well. I am well versed in writing to attract an
audience and would feel confident in writing either from a personal
perspective or a general informative perspective. I have strong
research and organization skills. I am constantly reading for my own
benefit about health, fitness and food.

I also do our community outreach, Event planning, Tradeshow Managament
and have traveled for these things as well. I feel confident in my
ability to learn quickly and speak comfortably on an individual basis
or to groups.

I am comfortable working both in the office as well as on my own off-site.

A year and a half ago I pursued, signed and have launched a kitchen product for an IFBB Pro Bodybuilder who is involved in making kitchen videos. Having his own spice line was great product synergy. I was responsible for many different aspects. A few examples would be: creating content for product information, contract negotiation, product development, marketing plans –including working with client to create content and execute both for social network sites and website placement. However, I was given ZERO budget to engage and build a following for the product or our company.

In addition to that I have worked relentlessly to take on a major
issue that happened after a Groupon promotion had spiraled out of
control 2 years ago. It requires being able to communicate in a clear and
concise manner when dealing on the phone or in email.
I stepped in to make sure that 1600 clients were
personally contacted and made to feel that we had every intention of
making right what had happened (prior to my even being with the
company).Brand Management and stellar customer service skills have
been an integral part of making this a successful priority. I was put
in a position to devise a plan of action, script emails and work to
retain current business, salvage relationships with past clients and
work to build new business.

You may check out the following


Please feel free to email me if you would like to set up a time to talk.
I hope to hear from you.
Guest 6.4.17 12:01 pm
Hello Alizee,

I would love to help out on a project basis! I actually run marketing operations for a company in the scientific community in the Peninsula, so I have a lot of experience in writing, copy editing, design, social meda, and project management. I also love travel and photography. I'm happy to share any examples of my work too! Looking forward to hearing back.
Guest 6.4.17 12:01 pm
I'm a computer programmer with over 15 years of experience. I would love to write articles about technology. Maybe how-tos?
Guest 6.4.17 12:01 pm
Hello Alizee,

I am the founder of Bay Appeal Marketing, which promotes culture, diversity, and advocacy through photography, videography, journalism, and events. I have worked with local artists and businesses to help them brand themselves and increase their presence. I believes art is a powerful tool for communicating. My photography, videography, and journalism range from art shows to children on an Indian reservation. I combine all forms of art to convey one message “everyone has something special to add to society.”

I would love to help ipixels document culture through writing and photography.
Guest 6.4.17 12:02 pm
Salut--I speak French too. I am a writer, producer, photographer and would love to find out more about what you do--here is a picture from my Memorial Day weekend camping trip-- please contact me if you would like me to send a resume.
Guest 6.4.17 12:02 pm
Hi Alizee,

I'm a freelance writer, mostly satyrical views on subcultures and the arts.
Articles include such things as "Everything is Goth, Nothing is Goth" and "12 Hours in a Porn Store"
I would love to write for this site, and I think the content I can provide will be supplementary to your readers.
Guest 6.4.17 12:02 pm
Hello Alizee,

I would be interested to explore technical writing opportunities with ipixels. Would be glad to send in a private message to you.

Absolutely loved the way of interactions posted here!

Thank you.
Guest 6.4.17 12:02 pm

I am a 36-year-old living here in San Francisco and I would love to write for you! Currently, I am part of a very early stage start-up and working towards my commercial pilots license. In my free time, I like taking on projects like this and would like to offer my services.

Generally, I like writing about aviation, travel and social issues.

Please let me know if there is a place in this project where I can be of value.

Guest 6.4.17 12:02 pm
I am a twenty three year old student living in Oakland as self imposed exile for unspeakable things, from my hometown of New Orleans, LA. And I can’t quite shake the feeling that this time period in which I am currently coming into myself, demands the participation of the generation being produced. With apps such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, you can inform the world of an event in a second and feel I have the talent and passion the contribute something of value.

The experience I have gained working in a news environment with The San Francisco Bay Guardian has helped me acquire a great eye for researching stories quickly and accurately, as well as insider knowledge. I have also done some copy writing for apps while working a short stint at Mobile Action app marketing company. However, I wish to grow, I want to push my skill and talents to the limit, and I feel with your help I can do this.

I consider myself a hard and diligent worker, but perfection is really what drives me, I want a stranger to see my work and wonder how some one could produce such work. With these skills and ambition I am confident that I can become a valued member of your team and help it on its way to becoming more of a success everyday.

Guest 6.4.17 12:02 pm
Good evening Alizee, wow after reviewing previous posts I am not sure i can compete for the role of writer.

I do not write for a blog with thousands of daily followers and have yet to be published in the NY Times or any other periodical for that matter. That being said, I did win a writing contest in the 8th grade that i am pretty proud of.

I like to think that i am a fairly good writer and have a flair for the dramatics as it were. I must say i enjoy writing but do not care much for grammar. Grammar is completely overrated, way too my rules in my humbled opinion.

I think i would be a wonderful asset to your team since I really couldn't care less about what people think and do not need the money however that being said i will accept it. I have a hunger / drive / passion for creating beautiful things i.e. words on digital paper.

I also have a genuine desire to become a better writer and i feel if i am forced to write daily i would have no choice to improve my skills.

I mean one can be the most horrifically absurd writer however if he/she wrote everyday they must get better, unless they are a complete halfwit - i apologize to all the halfwits out there reading this right now - i did not mean to offend :p

In any case, i look forward to hearing back from you in hopes of joining the team.
Guest 6.4.17 12:04 pm
Hello Alizee ,

I'm an over whelmed person, wanting to start up as a frelance writer.I would also like to help you in your work of this.I cannot wait to be taken up for this job.I have had experience as an editor for our college magazine and in a daily local news paper as column writerwhich ended as a disaster within some months due to some personal problems. presently I'm a 1st year MBBS student. But my zeal for writing didnot have it's stop.From now would like to continue, and this should startup with you.
Guest 6.4.17 12:04 pm
Addendum: Rephrase...If you're looking for someone who can write fast, literate, and well-informed articles on music, please contact me.
Guest 6.4.17 12:04 pm
I explore. I write. I make music outside and inside. I manipulate materials to create beautiful works of art. I design. I eat good food and cook good food. I feel the breeze and find people who smile.

Please let me know what I can do for you!
Guest 6.4.17 12:04 pm
Howdy, Alizee.

I name stuff, and run a tiny online TV station, and I'm a pirate DJ, and I like to find pretty pictures online. Pay me!
Guest 6.4.17 12:04 pm
Hello Alizee,

I'm a freelance copywriter and editor specializing in business to business marketing content, both print and online. I also write policy and procedure documentation for business operations. I'm very interested in project work. If you'd like to know more, visit my website,, and if you're interested, contact me for a Words For Wealth consultation. That's my first test for you.

Through my networking, I know several web designers/developers and graphic artists. I also know photographers, business attorneys, HR vendors, and others who provide services to B2B businesses. I'd like to learn what challenges you're facing. If I can't help, perhaps I know others who can.
Guest 6.4.17 12:04 pm
Dear Alizee~

I am aware you have other candidates vying for your attention, so I'll get right to the point: you will find very few who possess proofreading, editing, and writing skills as finely honed as mine. I am experienced with print and ebooks, blogs, newsletters, short articles, press releases, proposals, presentations, and business correspondence. If you require and desire the best, look no further.

Should you wish to test my skills, I welcome the challenge. I am seeking part-time work, and am available 15 to 20 hours each week. I have a strong preference for working from home, and I am fully set up to do so with grace and efficiency.

My computer skills encompass both PCs and Macs, and I know Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat and Photoshop.

Below this message you will find my resume, as well as links to samples of my writing. I am happy to provide more if you wish.

Thank you for your kind attention and gracious consideration. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

~Warm regards,
Selene Steese~

Writing Sample Links:



October 1998 to Present
Writer/Editor/Founder - Assist clients with long- and short-term book projects. Edit prose, poetry, forewords, biographies, photo captions and book jacket blurbs. Create blogs and help research publishers. Offer advice and input regarding book design and layout. Edit photographs using GIMP, Photoshop, and iPhoto - among others. Provide as much or as little hands-on, in-person guidance as needed on all aspects of book creation and publication.

May 2010 to May 2013
Copy Editor/Writer - Edited a wide variety of articles on financial, technical and general topics. Received high praise from authors on a regular basis, as well as excellent performance reviews from top editorial staff. Wrote and researched articles on various topics.

June 2008 to February 2011
Editor/Proofreader - Edited proposals, reports, presentations (in both Word and PowerPoint), newsletters and other business documents for international environmental consulting firm.

June 2005 to June 2010
Co-editor - Assisted with selection of poetry for anthology. Copy edited and proofread all poetry and prose pieces prior to publication. Prepared notes for authors who wished to review edited copies.

January 2001 to January 2007
Managing Editor - Worked for published author/writing teacher Clive Matson in capacity of managing editor for The Crazy Child Scribbler, a quarterly literary journal. Assisted with selection of issue editors. Proofread and copy edited each issue. Did electronic design and layout in Microsoft Word. Created clean copy for print shop.


• Superlative command of written and spoken English
• Outstanding communication and conflict resolution skills
• Extremely fast and effective Internet researcher


Prolific published writer and poet/singer/performer. Love to travel; enjoy hiking and camping. Voracious reader. Gourmet cook and chocolatier. Have a great sense of humor and love to laugh.


BA Degree in English
Magna Cum Laude
Concentration in Writing
SUNY at Buffalo
Guest 6.4.17 12:04 pm
Hi Alizee,

Love the look and feel of your site and creative way of looking for talented people to join your team.

Im a local web designer in San Carlos.
I have designed at venues from type houses, ad agencies to corporate marketing.
My roles in online development process; research, requirements, user profile, site plan and flow, storyboarding,
UI/UX design, visual design, user testing, emarketing, interactive features and pixel perfect guidelines.

Please see my portfolio sample link below
and personal website.

Thanks for your time, have a good weekend!


Daren M. Mooney
Guest 6.4.17 12:05 pm
Hello, Alizee.

I am writing in response to your craigslist ad regarding your need of writers for ipixels. I believe I could aid you in the development of your website.

My relevant experience includes over five years of content writing for websites, blogs, individual creative projects and other similar jobs (mainly through agencies or as an assistant to other writers). I also have extensive experience with proofreading and editing all the aforementioned types of writing.

If you are interested in localizing your website, I could perform the translation to Russian. I have worked as a translator for seven years, in part with website localization.

Thank you very much; I hope to become a part of your project!

Kind regards,
Darya Boudnik.
Guest 6.4.17 12:05 pm
Good morning.
I am writing in response to your posting in Craigslist.
I can provide fast turnaround on carefully edited copy. I write for tone and style, and have an extensive journalism background, most notably for San Francisco Chronicle and Yahoo! Hot Jobs, and elsewhere. In addition, I have creative work in journals such as Antioch Review, the Southeast Review, Santa Monica Review, Wisconsin Review, and elsewhere. I am a graduate of The University of Michigan, and received an MFA in Creative Writing from Goddard College.
I have written web copy for businesses, blogs, and edited and developed white papers and a variety of business materials. I am versed in AP style, as well as Chicago Manual of Style, and can easily adapt other references as requested.
Perhaps you want to feature that enigmatic developer in the next issue of your newsletter, and hope to interview her with an angle toward your undervalued start-up. Or you'd like more color in your marketing copy for your new website. Maybe you'd like to rethink the training manual that has your new hiring committee confused. Or, you love your brilliant UX presentation but want to take it out of geek-speak.
I’d be happy to see what we can do together. I’ll do the first job free, simply to show you what I can do.
Samples of my journalism and creative writing can be found by Googling me. Thanks for your consideration.
Robert M. Detman
fouronefive twonineeight sixsevenzeroone
Guest 6.4.17 12:05 pm
Hello Alizee!

Color me intrigued by everything your craigslist Ad did and did not say when querying us creative types to apply for your newly minted startup!

My name is Dian Marshall Smith, and I am a professional writer in such disciplines as: technical writing (including the writing of: installation, administration, & configuration guides; user guides; online help; tutorials; and the type of standard operating procedures [SOP's] that can/will address company requirements); public relations; marketing communications; and user interface guides). Additionally, I served as the very first Web Gatekeeper at Sun Microsystems - at a time when Mosaic was the standard graphical user interface (GUI) - which gives you an idea as to how long ago this experience took place.

That said, the biggest drawback associated with me as a potential contractor hire is this: after spending a long career of working (90) hour weeks, I have not worked full-time since 2003 for reasons eminently explainable. I did one contract in 2009, which went swimmingly, so I know I can pick up where I left off. The exception, of course, is the need to update my skills in mastering new technology. However, for your information: my note taking skills are par none, and I only need to be shown one time to master new programs.

I know that out of self-interest you should and will do what is right for you. My story is that I am interested in gently re-inserting myself back into the writing game part-time while my Mom concludes her life journey. While I am determined to be by her side as much as possible, I am finding that participating in creative projects to be therapeutic for myself during this stressful time.

Well, Alizee, this is the completely open book of my life.

Thanks in advance for the opportunity to respond to your ad.


Dian Marshall Smith
(C) 510-331-4999
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